The Job Spec of a Good Godly Daddy: 10 Things Every Christian Father Needs to Know

In the early hours of 6th December 2007, I received a call: “come back to the hospital now, the baby is on the way”. Adrenaline pumped through my veins. This was it. The big moment. The baby was coming. There was excitement as our daughter made her debut. Strangely, even […]

The Love of God

GOD is the reason and purpose as to why I can share these few words. GOD is love. Love is the reason I stand today. The love that looked beyond the mess, anger and hurt and saw me; reached down, not worried about the filth and pulled me out. A […]

Ministry in Action

Who am I? Greetings everyone! I’m Sarah. I am a 44-year-old mother of three and grandmother of twin 2-year olds. Most people associate me with Praise and Worship, as I am a singer, songwriter and play the Bass Guitar. Having known about God since a young age, growing up in […]

Coping with loneliness

It was a Saturday, the 2nd July 2011…this year is coming up to 9 years… We woke up as usual; happy, smiling, doing chores together and shopping life was its usual routine. This was a day of celebration for us. My husband, a builder was given the biggest contract ever […]