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Ministry in Action

Who am I? Greetings everyone! I’m Sarah. I am a 44-year-old mother of three and grandmother of twin 2-year olds. Most people associate me with Praise and Worship, as I am a singer, songwriter and play the Bass Guitar. Having known about God since a young age, growing up in my Godfather’s church, I first remember singing in public at the age of 5, … Read More Ministry in Action

Coping with loneliness

It was a Saturday, the 2nd July 2011…this year is coming up to 9 years… We woke up as usual; happy, smiling, doing chores together and shopping life was its usual routine. This was a day of celebration for us. My husband, a builder was given the biggest contract ever to renovate houses in a derelict area of Liverpool.

It could’ve been me

The news of Caroline Flack has really hit home for a lot of us. We question what would have led her to this? We ask, why? Some of us would blame the media, some of us would say she is selfish but the truth is none of us truly knew what she was going through. I did not know her personally but I sincerely … Read More It could’ve been me

Don’t give up on Love

I hope my personal testimony will encourage and give hope to someone who may be in a dark place in their life at this moment. A few facts about me: I’ve been in church most of my life I got married at the age 22 I had 3 children by the age 33 The marriage failed and I was left to raise my sons then … Read More Don’t give up on Love

Looking for Love in the right place

How many of us can really relate to the coined phrase ‘searching for love in all the wrong places’? I guess this could mean different things for different folks (male or female) but for me this was a reality that I faced before wholly and solely giving my life to Christ Jesus nearly 11 years ago. This was a wonderful day after I had … Read More Looking for Love in the right place

The party, the club, the dance is where I loved to be…

I love socialising and being with my friends. I had a wide social network and well esteemed highly within it. The party, the club, the dance is where I loved to be. It’s where I could let my hair down amongst people like me, who just wanted to have a good time.

We walk by Faith and not by Sight

Growing up my mum and dad always told me about God  and always attended church on a Sunday. The one line my dad uses to repeatedly tell me and my sister growing up is ‘we walk by faith and not by sight’.

I am here today because God kept me

God has been good to me I have been going to church all my life and got baptised at the age of 16. My journey has not been an easy one.

Why have you taken my dad?

‘Heavenly Father, please just allow my Dad to make it through Christmas’ …that was my prayer in December. By January he had passed away, so I guess it’s now time to grieve right? Nope, now comes the rushing around funeral planning, going to work, supporting the family whilst also completing my studies. There’s no time to grieve, I’m too busy!

It’s OK not to be ‘Perfect’

For months I was thinking about getting baptised but I kept trying to push the feeling away. There was an announcement in church in April about a youth camp and they were asking for deposits from people who were interested in going. I just ignored it because I had no intention of going but my cousin wanted me to go.

The Battle is not yours…

Our journey began the evening of January 3rd 2019. My husband suddenly developed an excruciating headache, despite four hourly pain-killers, the pain would not ease.  Approximately 48 hours later I took him to A&E, after hours of waiting, we were sent away with even more pain-killers and told it was ‘migraine’.