Gods Love

Love is patient, love is kind
Love is always on my mind

Love is faithful love is true
Love is what I give to you
Love is pure love is divine
Love is sweeter than any wine

Love makes me laugh love can make me cry
Sometimes I don’t even know the reason why

Love makes you do things beyond your wildest dream
Love is working as a team

But do you know whose love is forever giving?
No condition and he is keeping you living

He doesn’t ask for words or things,
Doesn’t ask for flowers or more shiny rings

Gods love is real and very strong
It lasts forever, all the day long

Gods love is faithful and always forever true
Who knew that he always loves me and always loves you

Give your heart to Him make Him your own
The things of this world you can disown

Love Him forever and the rewards will be great
Make Him our choice before its too late

In this season of love many are still looking
Seeking for things and getting nothing

God is love the bible tells us so,
He is someone you will not regret getting to know.

Be encouraged in this Valentines season,
Make Him the one to Love, for every reason.

Sophia Romans (Wolverhampton, UK)

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  1. Beautiful poem and so true. In this season where we are forced to think about love and relationships, it’s a reminder that Gods love supersedes any other. God first loved us and will ever loved us! Even in our imperfections. Now THAT’S a reason to celebrate 🙌🏾


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