Don’t give up on Love

I hope my personal testimony will encourage and give hope to someone who may be in a dark place in their life at this moment.

A few facts about me:

  • I’ve been in church most of my life
  • I got married at the age 22
  • I had 3 children by the age 33
  • The marriage failed and I was left to raise my sons then 8 and 6, and my daughter 8 months old.

My world came crashing down. I was imprisoned in my mind, in a very dark place, suffered with severe depression and reached rock bottom. I felt lonely, rejected, afraid, ugly, of no value and ashamed. I was given advice by someone that I wouldn’t be the last, and to take it to the Lord and leave it there…

How could this advice be of any help to someone like me then who was too depressed to even pray? I was a divorcee at the age 36 and I didn’t want many people to know in the church as divorce was a taboo subject!

I stayed mainly indoors and only went out when I had to go to work as a nurse in order to keep a roof over our heads and provide for my children. I had to work 3 jobs and being a lone parent was a struggle as I had no transport and relied mainly on public transport.

My family especially my mother, helped babysit and nursed me back in my darkest days and I love her dearly. Also my big sister Bev who was a teacher back then helped me to believe in myself, helped build my confidence, and empowered my thinking as I studied further in my nursing career.

I successfully passed my exam and became a level 1 registered nurse: Hallelujah praise be to God!

I still felt depressed and couldn’t connect to God and feel His presence, so I  decided firstly to fix up and work on the outside first, so I treated myself to a makeover and it made me look a million dollars!!! I had so many admirers but I remained on my own and carried out my duty as a mother to my beautiful children.

Still in my depressed state as my last hope I went to a dynamic service hosted by the late Bishop Wagner (PAW) and went to the early morning manna service. After much crying I fell to the ground and a powerful surge of God’s Holy Spirit fell all over my wounded soul and I was anointed, and the joy of the Lord  reached my soul and my being and I was happy again.

I was invited to a church service shortly after this where there was an American woman who greeted me after the service. She then looked at my left hand and asked me if I was married before and I told her yes I was, she then told me she was a prophetess and that I was going to marry again and that she could see my husband by my side. She said he would be tall and that I would have a ministry that would take me across the world!


Not long after this prophecy I saw Mr Dalton Harvey my long time friend on television appearing as Lionel Richie on Stars in their eyes, and singing ‘You’re once,  twice, three times a lady’, and I said to my children, ‘he’s singing that song to me.’

Shortly after this I saw Dalton in Wolverhampton, and he said he was now back in church and had rededicated his life to Christ.

We fell in love, courted, and Dalton proposed to me on Valentine’s day, and of course I said YES 🙂 🙂 🙂

We are FOREVER soul mates, and second time around I found Love, True Love.

Janice Harvey (Wolverhampton, UK)

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