We walk by Faith and not by Sight

Growing up my mum and dad always told me about God  and always attended church on a Sunday.

Bev and Sam

The one line my dad uses to repeatedly tell me and my sister growing up is ‘we walk by faith and not by sight’.

I never used to understand what he meant but as I’m getting older, I’m starting to understand what he meant. As I got older, I was told by my parents that I was very poorly at birth. They also told me that they spent a lot of days and night’s praying for me to get better.

I miss my dad I think about him every day. I was only nine years old when he died.

I remember at the funeral I carried my dad’s coffin and I felt so proud doing it. I knew my dad was a ma

n of God and he was going to be in heaven with God and his disciples laughing and sharing bible scriptures. I also know that he is looking down on me and my family from heaven.

I go to church all the time with my mum and I love it. I approached my mum a long time ago and told her that I want to get baptised. My mum asked me if I was sure because it is very serious commitment and explained to me what would be involved.

After I talked to Bishop Queensborough about why I felt I was ready to be baptised a few weeks later on Sunday 1st September 2019, I got baptised.

It was the best day ever; I couldn’t stop smiling I told all my friends and family.

My mum and I always pray together and read the bible; I still don’t know everything in the bible and I always ask a lot of questions. The bible is difficult to understand there is a lot of hard words, but I am learning a lot in church and in Sunday school. I love going to church and I love what God has done for me.

Samuel Wilkie (UK)

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