The Battle is not yours…

Our journey began the evening of January 3rd 2019. My husband suddenly developed an excruciating headache, despite four hourly pain-killers, the pain would not ease.  Approximately 48 hours later I took him to A&E, after hours of waiting, we were sent away with even more pain-killers and told it was ‘migraine’. 

For 3 weeks, my husband did not sleep/eat and lost 2 stones in weight; during this time, we made 6 visits to the hospital, several visits to our GP, numerous 111 calls as well as seeing 2 private doctors. We also arranged our own private MRI to ascertain what was going on.

Needless to say, prayers were being sent up here in England, America and Jamaica via brethren, friends and relatives.
Our daughters both live in Nottingham, (we live in Wolverhampton) and said we should go up to them as I was trying to balance work whilst looking after my husband, they could assist with his care.  He was so poorly; it took several attempts over a few days to get him in the car for the journey.
Fay and Vince
Within days of arriving in Nottingham, my husband fell into a coma, the medical professionals were bewildered and decided to perform a Lumbar Puncture (which our local hospital should have done), the results were, my husband had a life-threatening brain disease.  We were told, a week later he would have died.  Consequently, he spent almost four months in hospital, we are still on our journey, but through it all, we know we are not alone.
During the daytime I would put on a brave face, but at nights whilst alone, my pillow was soaked night after night as I sought the Lord.  It was an extremely difficult time for the family, particularly our daughters, who believed they were going to lose their dad.  Despite my encouragement to them imploring that their dad was not going to die, that God was in control, they found this hard to believe. 

I know my redeemer lives, I also know my God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  He promised He would never leave us or forsake, or give us more than we can bear.

There were days, weeks, and months that have been extremely difficult, but my faith in God kept me sane and from falling off the edge.  I resigned from my job in February not even giving a thought to the consequence of two salaries being abruptly stopped, yes, I panicked that same month when reality kicked in as the bills were still going out. 

I was reminded the God that fed the children of Israel in the wilderness, took them across the red sea, is the same God who is feeding us today as well as taking us through our red sea.

No matter how gloomy and hopeless your situation looks, never ever give up.  The battle is not yours, but the Lords.

Fay Williams (Wolverhampton, UK)

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