It’s OK not to be ‘Perfect’


For months I was thinking about getting baptised but I kept trying to push the feeling away. There was an announcement in church in April about a youth camp and they were asking for deposits from people who were interested in going. I just ignored it because I had no intention of going but my cousin wanted me to go.

For weeks I kept trying to get out of it and later on that month I finally decided to give my deposit. Even weeks before the youth camp I didn’t want to go. While at youth camp I started to feel a different type of way and the feeling of wanting to get baptised started to get bigger and I couldn’t just push the feeling aside and before leaving I decided it was the right time.

The teachings at youth camp made me realise that Gods okay with me not being perfect. God has done many things for me that I can’t even explain and I don’t see a greater choice then giving my life to Him.

Kenya (UK)

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