2020 Vision – What is clouding yours?

More than once I have sat in the driver’s seat of my car first thing in the morning and been surprised at how misty it is. Only to realise the mist is not outside, it’s on my glasses!

The condition of the lenses on my glasses determine my outlook. If my lenses are not clear, the way that I perceive the outside world is affected.

Many people are describing this coming year 2020 in terms of ‘perfect vision’.  However, we need to be aware of the things that impair our vision.Windsor Head

2 Kings 6:15 tells of Elisha’s servant, who looks out and sees the Syrian army surrounding the prophet and himself. The ‘fear’ lens caused him to despair. Elisha was able to view the same scene through different lenses! (read verses 16 & 17).

Other things that will cloud your vision include: –

  • Past failures
  • Bitterness born out of unforgiveness
  • Believing either the lies, or the hype about yourself

When I allow any of the above to colour my vision, the impact is potentially devasting on me and on those around me.

Each of the above can cause a person to turn in on themselves in response to the mistreatment at the others. The alternative is an attitude that lashes out at the hand of others, or more subtly seeks to exert control through manipulation.

So please, before you embark on any mission, any venture in this year of ‘perfect vision’, make sure your lenses are clear.

Bishop Windsor Queensborough (Wolverhampton, UK)


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