Month: January 2020

The party, the club, the dance is where I loved to be…

I love socialising and being with my friends. I had a wide social network and well esteemed highly within it. The party, the club, the dance is where I loved to be. It’s where I could let my hair down amongst people like me, who just wanted to have a good time.

We walk by Faith and not by Sight

Growing up my mum and dad always told me about God  and always attended church on a Sunday. The one line my dad uses to repeatedly tell me and my sister growing up is ‘we walk by faith and not by sight’.

I am here today because God kept me

God has been good to me I have been going to church all my life and got baptised at the age of 16. My journey has not been an easy one.

Why have you taken my dad?

‘Heavenly Father, please just allow my Dad to make it through Christmas’ …that was my prayer in December. By January he had passed away, so I guess it’s now time to grieve right? Nope, now comes the rushing around funeral planning, going to work, supporting the family whilst also completing my studies. There’s no time to grieve, I’m too busy!

It’s OK not to be ‘Perfect’

For months I was thinking about getting baptised but I kept trying to push the feeling away. There was an announcement in church in April about a youth camp and they were asking for deposits from people who were interested in going. I just ignored it because I had no intention of going but my cousin wanted me to go.

2020 Vision – What is clouding yours?

More than once I have sat in the driver’s seat of my car first thing in the morning and been surprised at how misty it is. Only to realise the mist is not outside, it’s on my glasses! The condition of the lenses on my glasses determine my outlook. If my lenses are not clear, the way that I perceive the outside world is … Read More 2020 Vision – What is clouding yours?

The Battle is not yours…

Our journey began the evening of January 3rd 2019. My husband suddenly developed an excruciating headache, despite four hourly pain-killers, the pain would not ease.  Approximately 48 hours later I took him to A&E, after hours of waiting, we were sent away with even more pain-killers and told it was ‘migraine’. 

New Year, Same Problems

How can I move forward? A New Year and the general consensus is that as we enter another year it’s ‘out with the old and in with the new’. We look back and take stock of the good, the bad, and maybe even the ugly. For the majority of us 2019 would have brought good things and happy times, but for some of us … Read More New Year, Same Problems